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ExcellentTRT Nation5.0 Based on 1290 reviews fromEfrain MartinezEfrain Martinez ★★★★★ Nation was extremely easy to work with as I was overseas when I started the process. They accepted my lab work that I had recently had done. The NP explained the medication and process with enough detail for my experience level. I will say that the best part of my experience was their customer service. They are quick to answer my questions and assisted me in getting a copy of my prescription as I need it for work. My medications arrived fast and securely. I have had and have continued to have a great experience with TRT Nation. I recommend Nation to those that don’t need their hand held. This is a clinic more suited for those with some experience in TRT. They also have a great selection of peptides and other alternative medications.Response from the ownerEfrain, thank you for the amazing review. We're honored to assist all of our brothers no matter where they may be!When you mentioned that TRT Nation is a great clinic for "those that don't need their hand held," we couldn't agree more. However, we'd like to add that no one should need their hand held for TRT. Contrary to what many other clinics and online "gurus" might have you believe, TRT is much less complicated than they make it out to be.Why would they complicate it, you ask? It's simple: by making TRT seem complex and positioning themselves as the only ones with the answers, they create a dependency. But the truth is, TRT is straightforward. Once you understand that, the only things that set clinics apart are pricing and customer service.At TRT Nation, we have the best prices and customer service in the USA. We've maintained the lowest prices in the nation for the past five years and have the most 5-star Google reviews of any clinic.With the playing field now level the choice becomes crystal clear even while the haters scream "TrTnAtiOn DoEsNt TeSt fOr ShBg mEh!" James NikolaidesJames Nikolaides ★★★★★ Excellent process. The customer service and follow up has exceeded my expectations. It could not be any more streamlined.Chris S.Chris S. ★★★★★ Krazy easy from the paperwork, to the local labs, to receiving the supplies. Everything is painless, even the injection.OMERTA 89OMERTA 89 ★★★★★ I’m officially halfway through my first 8 week prescription through TRT Nation and have had progress in multiple areas of my life due to taking test and getting my test levels hopefully closer to where they should be. The process of starting with TRT Nation was great and I feel I have to stress this point. So many companies today do not emphasize customer support and don’t care how difficult the process can be. The process was simple, I filled out the pertinent info online, they set up my blood draw at a local LabCorp and a fees days later they scheduled my appt. It was that simple! If your looking for ease of use, a product that works, and great customer service TRT Nation has you coveredGeoff KeysGeoff Keys ★★★★★ Amazing quick service. If youre on the fence about it… just do it.Gregory WoodGregory Wood ★★★★★ Great company love doing business with themJosh MantoothJosh Mantooth ★★★★★ quick turnaround from communication issuesH AliH Ali ★★★★★ It just keeps getting better, it is beyond extraordinary—like discovering one of the seven wonders of the world! Their exceptional staff and doctors provided top-notch support and professionalism, restoring me to my peak condition. Thank you, TRTnation! For anyone considering TRT, this is the place to be—you won’t regret it!Response from the ownerBest Review EVER James PorterJames Porter ★★★★★ Just started with this company. It’s been an exceptional experience so far. Scheduling was easy and convenient, and within days of my consultation, I received my package. I couldn’t be happier!Beaches Pool & Spa, LLCBeaches Pool & Spa, LLC ★★★★★ Easy process and great customer service!! Beats all others hands down.Mr. ConsistencyMr. Consistency ★★★★★ Very fairly placed and super easy to deal with. I have already referred a few friends to them.Josh BrownJosh Brown ★★★★★ Glad i reached out. Talking with the dr made me sure i made correct decision. They seem to have a concern for my health and my goals. I will use them and tell people about how well ive been treated this whole timeRoly JimenezRoly Jimenez ★★★★★ Have worked with other providers, but these guys are knowledgeable and take the time to hear you out. Definitely sticking with them long term 👍Dames “Dames” ScheppDames “Dames” Schepp ★★★★★ Super easy and convenient.kevin aldridgekevin aldridge ★★★★★ Bryan McDonaldBryan McDonald ★★★★★ Great experience. Zack was easy to talk to and answered all my questions. Fast shipping that includes everything needed to start the TRT journey!Response from the ownerThank you Bryan we will not let you down! E CE C ★★★★★ I’ve made great progress since I started my TRT with TRT Nation, I wish I had started it earlier. This is life changing, and their cost is very reasonable. I already recommended them to several friendsResponse from the ownerThank so much! Your Recommendation means everything to us! WrogerWroger ★★★★★ Doctor is knowledgeable and made sure all questions were answered. Do your own due diligence and research all the information about TRT online that you can. It’s a big commitment, but the benefits both physically and mentally are worth it.So far, no issues at all. I’m back to feeling like I’m 21 again. Definitely a game changer. Able to workout and recovery is much quicker like when you’re younger.Very grateful there are companies like this to help middle age men out. I’m a combat veteran and had doctors throw everything at me over the years for low to NO libido, lack of energy, loss of interest in doing much of anything, etc.TRT nation made the entire process very painless and I appreciate it. If you’re on the fence, pull the trigger, and you won’t regret it. Their price is fair by comparison as well if you look at the competitors.Brandon BarnesBrandon Barnes ★★★★★ Quick clean and discreet. Price isn’t bad and it all online or over the phone, except for the blood work. Really good if you move and the last clinic I had to go to there office for the bloodwork or I could get my TRT. Good company and faster than my last clinic.Carlos CramzCarlos Cramz ★★★★★ Fred RidleyFred Ridley ★★★★★ Some of these reviews are laughable. TRT Nation provides a service, a good product, and are very responsive via email-private messaging and on the phone. Sure, some of the consults are a bit short, but let's be honest, if you've made it this far you shouldn't need your hand held. I've seen reviews complain about pricing, go ahead and go through your primary doctor and pay triple and have a primary care doc that knows nothing about TRT handle your testosterone treatment. Their labs are $120, you literally walk into a Lab Corp with no appointment and you're done in 20 mins. Not sure what more you clowns want, but man, the owner and staff sure have a lot more patience than I do.6/19/24 update- Been with TRT Nation for the better part of 2 yrs. So many of the comments talk about not getting product on time. Guys, get your labs at regular intervals when they tell you to and everything runs smooth as can be. They even send 2-3 reminder emails. This is not rocket science. I get labs every 6 months just for my own piece of mind. The labs are $130, if you can afford TRT every 2.5 months, you can afford and have time to go get your labs done. Customer service is still top notch. Have a question? Call them. I get same day or next day email responses. I just got my labs done yesterday and asked them via email this morning to share the labs with me when available. I had my lab results within a couple hrs. They even give suggestions on what to do to correct things if your levels are off. You guys realize if you went to your primary care or called with a question you'd be paying extra for that, right? Yet they do it gladly for free. I'm truly mystified at some of the complaints on here. If you need your hand held, use a local provider and pay triple. I'll happily step out my front door to pick up my product. Have to say I get way too many cheap laughs from the owner replying to the problem children, the same people who can't figure out how to tie their own shoes each day. We are all lucky to have access to a company like TRT Nation.Response from the ownerFred thank you for this reply! This is one of the most logical and concise reviews we have ever received. This is a selfless job that our staff and providers provide but patients like yourself and the countless others we have just like you make it all worth it. Chudwick SanChudwick San ★★★★★ Quick, easy, painlessDerrick ShieldsDerrick Shields ★★★★★ Amazing customer service, knowledgeable staff, prompt delivery. Highly recommended!Sean KeismanSean Keisman ★★★★★ If you do not need much handholding and are capable of making your own medical decisions, TRT Nation is an affordable, knowledgable partner for helping you improve your quality of life.Colin PlayZ - ROBLOXColin PlayZ - ROBLOX ★★★★★ They are a great company...very quick responses and always get right back to you...gonna be receiving my meds Monday, can't wait to get started.Kevin ZadoniaKevin Zadonia ★★★★★ Very attentive to my needs. Had an amazing experience talking to the doctor. Being through this process before, I felt that the doctor was very knowledgeable about my previous treatment and was very detailed and open about any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend to friends and family that are looking to optimize their health!Anthony RobinsonAnthony Robinson ★★★★★ This is perfect for someone who's already dialed in and doesn’t need any hand holding. It’s way cheaper than going to a clinic. So far so good.salvatore burgiosalvatore burgio ★★★★★ Awesome service, smooth process couldn’t be happier!Bryan BroussardBryan Broussard ★★★★★ Great experience and very helpfulNathan RothNathan Roth ★★★★★ Very professional and knowledgeable team.Jason YenJason Yen ★★★★★ Glad to feel normal again.Leland BearLeland Bear ★★★★★ I am 48 and finally feel like I am in my 20's again. The doctors are knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Thank you TRT nationTodd BagleyTodd Bagley ★★★★★ TRTnation Was recommended to me, they gave sound advice for my goals and were priced much less than who I was using before. Happy so far, I will be switching to them permanently.Tony WallTony Wall ★★★★★ 1 month in and feeling fantastic! Excited to see the changes over the next few! Already recommending to friends.Garrett BeckGarrett Beck ★★★★★ Very responsive and reasonably priced.Robbie ShefferRobbie Sheffer ★★★★★ Most streamlined service I have ever experienced in regard to medical assistance. Took TRT Nation 1 week to accomplish what PCM could not in 5 years. Highly recommend!Response from the ownerWow! This has always Been Our Ultimate Goal: Streamlined TRT Service without the Hassle Mission Accomplished! tim fultstim fults ★★★★★ I feel better than I've felt in fifteen years. I love trt nation!Response from the ownerAnd We Love You! Chris YaredChris Yared ★★★★★ What a great service. The provider was very knowledgable and answered all my questions. Shipment was prompt, amd easily tracked.Response from the ownerWhat a Great Patient! Chris CaldwellChris Caldwell ★★★★★ It has been a smooth ride so farResponse from the ownerWe'll try and keep the momentum Chris! Thank you for the review! Nicholas *Nicholas * ★★★★★ Been on trt for a little over a month now, great customer service, amazing cost, and I feel better than I have in years.Response from the ownerThank you for the review! The longer you stay on the better it gets! F. MiramontesF. Miramontes ★★★★★ Competitive prices, legendary service makes the process easy and the goods attainable. They’ve made a faithful customer out of me.Response from the ownerAmazing review thank you! All of you guys are legendary to us! Andy DabrowskiAndy Dabrowski ★★★★★ Easy process with big results. Thankful I found help for my Testosterone levelsB BallB Ball ★★★★★ 1st month in and no issues. The initial with the DR. was a great learning experience.Tim WatsonTim Watson ★★★★★ Fast, efficient and professional. From the time I submitted my request, I had labs done and a consult with the doctor within about a week. Got my supplies bout a week later.Response from the ownerThank you for the positive feedback Tim! jose dasilvajose dasilva ★★★★★ I'm been with TRT Nation and I'm very satisfied 💯 %, is life change.My wife is super happy 😄 and I'm feeling amazing, much more active at the gym , sleeping better.They prescribed 200mg of Testosterone per week. 100mg Sunday 100mg Wednesday.Any questions, just call and They are always there to answer.I recommend 100%Response from the ownerWe're honoured that you gave us the opportunity to treat you Jose! Devin SannaDevin Sanna ★★★★★ 10/10 great serviceResponse from the owner10/10 Great Review js_loader