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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Includes Provider consultation, Testosterone Cypionate, Aromatase inhibitor, Syringes and Shipping.

*149.99 with HCG. NO HIDDEN FEES.

*Minimum purchase 2.5 month supply


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Online Enrollment

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Once you have completed the intake process you will receive an email with confirmation of your appointment with a provider.
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Fast Delivery

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy






Anti Aging Peptide Therapy



Excellent5.0 Based on 1205 reviews fromjustin andersonjustin anderson ★★★★★ Great company. Customer service is great.Kris MorrisKris Morris ★★★★★ Great clinic. Easy process from bloodwork to telemed call with the doctor. Shipping of supplies and medications is quick and the cost of this clinic is the best I found.Definitely recommend themResponse from the ownerKris thank you for this amazing review! It is a pleasure to have you as one of our patients. RCFRCF ★★★★★ Friendly staff, smooth process and a price that can't be beat by the competition. Feeling better than ever at 57, stop thinking about it and get started..Response from the ownerFantastic Before and after! Jeff PopeJeff Pope ★★★★★ Just started, but so far very impressed, customer service is on point.Response from the ownerThank you Jeff! Zechariah TaylorZechariah Taylor ★★★★★ Great company, easy to work with. I feel 20 years younger!Response from the ownerWonderful to hear that! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you. Jose GomezJose Gomez ★★★★★ I’ve had a horrible experience with my doctors here in the state I live in and tried alternative ways to feel better and it worked however my clinic said to stop what I was doing & only overlooked my blood and not how I felt anyways I just felt like I wasn’t getting the best care. I reached out to TRTNation and their doctor/specialist asked how I feel on day to day basis etc & was very knowledgeable and made me feel like I was actually being heard and helped through the whole process. If you’re having symptoms of low T or just overall wellbeing TRTNation is for you. One thing I regret is not having started sooner . I feel better than ever and am super happy with TRTNation!!Response from the ownerThank you Jose! Unfortunately many men do not know there is an option outside of their PCP. Thank you for shedding light on your experience and trusting us with your health. Jeff SkinnerJeff Skinner ★★★★★ Very easy quick they answer any questions that you need really quickChris StephensChris Stephens ★★★★★ TRT Nation has been the best experience I have had with a medical professional in a long time.Response from the ownerWOW! Very amazing words Chris. We pride ourselves on not employing staff or providers that are commission based. That way their advice, treatment and recommendations come from a real place, not fueled by up selling. Brandon HernandezBrandon Hernandez ★★★★★ Short, sweet, and to the point. There were no hoops to jump through getting my TRT.ScottScott ★★★★★ I am very happy I finally took a chance and so far it has been life changing. I have gone from a Zombie to feeling strong and very confident again. Wish I would have done it sooner.Fred RidleyFred Ridley ★★★★★ Some of these reviews are laughable. TRT Nation provides a service, a good product, and are very responsive via email-private messaging and on the phone. Sure, some of the consults are a bit short, but let's be honest, if you've made it this far you shouldn't need your hand held. I've seen reviews complain about pricing, go ahead and go through your primary doctor and pay triple and have a primary care doc that knows nothing about TRT handle your testosterone treatment. Their labs are $120, you literally walk into a Lab Corp with no appointment and you're done in 20 mins. Not sure what more you clowns want, but man, the owner and staff sure have a lot more patience than I do.Response from the ownerFred thank you for this reply! This is one of the most logical and concise reviews we have ever received. This is a selfless job that our staff and providers provide but patients like yourself and the countless others we have just like you make it all worth it. Oscar LongoriaOscar Longoria ★★★★★ Great Experience, Great communication. They really Care.David HurdleDavid Hurdle ★★★★★ Outstanding company, great product and serviceChristian LaboiChristian Laboi ★★★★★ Easy and very simple process for anyone to get started! Thank you TRT NationMike TrippMike Tripp ★★★★★ Dustin PearsonDustin Pearson ★★★★★ Switched from another provider and instantly saved. Same product as other provider. They also recommended an estrogen blocker after fresh set of labs showed they were elevated. This within a week cleared up back acne issues also. The labs also showed another minor issue which giving blood on a regular basis will help to resolve. Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully review my treatment and recommend steps to make it better.John StockdaleJohn Stockdale ★★★★★ So far my experience has been great. There was a slight delay in communication through the messaging portal recently due to their server being down but other than that everything has been responsive and delivered on time. Only had one shipment so far so I’m hoping it stays consistent. Seems to be the best deal I have seen for what you’re getting.Edward CanterøEdward Canterø ★★★★★ Anyone else having issues recieving their medication?Been with TRT Nation for about a year now and I've had a great experience with them! Even recommend a few people here but on January 9th I paid for my refill and it was not sent to the pharmacy till Jan 12th. It's now Jan 22nd and I have not yet received any info on my shipment.Thankfully the representatives are good at picking up the phone and I've expressed my concerns because I am now a week late. I've been getting told to wait due to weather complications for a week now. Called the Pharmacy and they've just been hanging up on me.I still wish to continue with TRT Nation so I'm remaining hopeful that they'll get this sorted out ASAP.Update Jan 24:I appreciate you guys for the quick response and for taking the time to provide me with a better insight on the situation. Yes, later that same day I did receive my tracking information and with quick shipping as it's to arrive tomorrow.My frustration was misplaced and I wanted to apologize. Yes, my previous refills have all been completed with no issues and the customer service team does have a quick response via online chat and phone calls. I've always been able to reach out through both and have my questions and concerns answered.I wish to continue doing business with TRT Nation as you guys have a great business structure which makes ordering labs and refills super easy.Thank you for the amount of effort you guys put into your patientsResponse from the ownerHello Edward! Thank you for the review however we do not think the 2 stars are an accurate display of the service you have received. We understand the delay of prescriptions can be beyond frustrating but you yourself expressed your extreme satisfaction with us over the past year and that you would continue using us! You highlighted our excellent customer service and from your account I do not see that you've had any issues what so ever up until now.The weather in TX where the pharmacy is located has literally crippled them. This is the same type of weather they experienced a few years ago that shut down their power grid. They had no running water, business were shuttered etc. Once we send your RX to the pharmacy it is in their hands and up until now they have delivered to you and all others almost flawlessly. Again we understand your frustration and as we can see, your order will be shipping today and tracking will be provided. Lastly, we ask that if you had another opportunity to rate your experience with us from beginning to end, weighing 4 previous refills delivered without incidence against this one delayed refill could it honestly be characterised as a 2 star experience? Thank you for choosing TRT Nation where Each and every patient is as important as the next. Just ReviewsJust Reviews ★★★★★ Bryan BrightBryan Bright ★★★★★ These people are very nice and easy to work with.if your looking for treatment look no further than trt nationDaniel HemhauserDaniel Hemhauser ★★★★★ Great experience all around. 49 years old with a tmtest level of 22. I felt horrible for years. No libido, weight gain, no muscle mass, brain fog, tired all the time, and jsut disinterested in life. It's been 3 months since I began and I can honestly say that I feel like a new man. Doctors are very responsive, medications ships quickly, and follow up blood tests are required to ensure everything is working as it should and to monitor potential kegstives side affects. Would highly recommend to anyone considering TRT replacement.KingCryptoBitKingCryptoBit ★★★★★ I switched to TRT Nation and very happy I did. Customer support has always been on point. Orders always shipped quickly. Doc always available when needed.Response from the ownerThank you! js_loader